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West Florida Golf Tour

West Florida Golf Tour (WFGT)

The West Florida Golf Tour has now established itself as arguably one of the leading, most enjoyable and certainly value for money developmental golf tours in the US.

Having already established itself as an advanced professional development tour, over the last year, it has also launched an Amateur version of its Pro tour and welcomes all amateur golfers of all standards.

The WFGT has been responsible for raising the profile of both Professional and Amateur Golf in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Tampa and surrounding areas over the last few years and knows how popular golf is in this region.

We are delighted to say the WFGT have made the Florida Golf Performance Center it’s Official Performance center.

All professional players who are paid members of the West Florida Golf Tour’s ‘performance membership’ will be entitled to a 25% discount off ALL Custom Club Fitting sessions, whether it is for just a new driver or a full club fitting session.

All Amateur tour members are welcome to a 10% discount on all services at the Florida Golf Performance Center!!

WFGT Lesson Discounts

West Florida Golf Tour has the next generation of the PGA Tour Competing right here in Sarasota. In fact West Florida Golf Tour players have over 30 PGA Tour, Nationwide Tour and European Tour titles to their names!!!

Visit for all the professional golf excitement!

Visit for the amazing amateur schedule available to everybody!
Tel: 941 735 0201