Terry Hanson is the founder of the Florida Golf

Performance Center and lead instructor.  From Jersey, UK, Terry is a European PGA fellow and former European Tour Coach.  He has been ranked as one of the elite coaches in the UK.  He is Trackman certified and a master fitter with Taylormade.

Terry has played on the European Tour and has used his experience to help him in player development.  He studied and learned under renowned instructor John Jacobs and has helped players of all abilities.  Terry has worked with multiple European Tour players including Stephen Dodd, Philip Price and Sion Bebb.

With 40 years of experience playing and teaching Terry can help players of all abilities reach their golfing goals.

Stephen Arnold is a the putting and short game instructor at the Florida Golf Performance Center.  Originally from Philadelphia, Stephen is SAM Level II certified putting instructor.  Stephen is an Edel certified putter fitter and sales rep.  He is also Trackman certified level II and a PGA Apprentice Level III.  

Stephen is a former college and professional golfer who has focused his attention on teaching putting and short game.   Stephen has worked with players of all ability levels, from tour players on the European, Web.com and European Tour to weekend amateurs.  His approach to putting is simple and has had fantastic results with players of all abilities.  There is no quicker way to lower your scores than to improve your putting.




Stephen working with LPGA Tour player Victoria Elizabeth

Terry working with Web.Com player Erik Barnes

What is the FGPC

The Florida Golf Performance Center is a PGA recognized golf school.  The FGPC is a performance center dedicated to helping players improve in any and every area of their game.

We utilize the best in teaching technology in Trackman and SAM Puttlab.  These two pieces of equipment allow us to quickly analyze what is going on and give the student the best feedback possible.  Terry is an expert in the full swing and club fitting with Trackman while Stephen specializes in short game and putting as well as putter fitting with SAM Puttlab.

Together, Stephen and Terry are able to work as a team to specialize in player development.  They have put plans together for players of all abilities to help them reach their goals.  Our teaching focuses on developing players based on their strengths and building upon what they do well.  We do not teach an ideal swing; we believe the ideal swing is whatever swing helps the player preform their best.